Treatments and Skin Care for Eczema

Eczema is an uncomfortable skin condition. It is something that is above and beyond dry skin. It is sometimes referred to by doctors as atopic dermatitis. You will get red and itchy skin with this condition. There is no magic cure for eczema. Some people feel that they want to try diet control to see if it makes a difference.

Decide If you Want to Use Hydrocortisone Cream

When it comes to caring for your eczema, you should ensure that you decide if you want to use hydrocortisone cream or not. This is definitely an option for a mild case. However, it can be associated with thinning skin. Some people don’t want to use it because of this. You can use it for a couple of weeks though and not be affected. You might want to reserve this treatment for if you get a rash. Your rash, especially on your face, can clear quickly if you use this medical treatment.

Settle on a Non-Irritating Skin Care Routine

An eczema treatment does not have to be harsh. You can control it through consistent skincare to avoid major flareups. The best treatments are those geared towards eczema. You can try a cream like Elidel to get rid of problem spots. This is a prescription cream.

For an all-over cream, you might want to check out the Avene line. They have body lotions specifically for eczema. You will have to keep in mind that they are pricey, but they are not as costly as some cosmetic lines. They overall might be less irritating too. You can also look at La Roche Possay for body lotions.

Other than this, you will find that you will want to make sure that you always moisturize your face. Cervae has moisturizing creams and cleansers that have ceramides. They are the only brand with ceramides that you can get on the drug store shelf. They have been known to help people. Ceramides are very moisturizing and are the first-line treatment for people with this skin condition. The best part about Cervae is that the line is specially designed for the face.

A Constant Battle

You might find yourself frustrated if you are allergic to everything. You can have this problem even with special creams. For this issue, you will want to try washing your skin with a body wash like Dove. After you dry off, you can put Vaseline on your skin and face. Vaseline is a substance that virtually no one is allergic to. Additionally, it will act as a barrier so that you don’t lose any moisture from your skin.

You might feel like you are fighting an uphill battle, but take heart. You will be getting better and better the more that you moisturize. The doctor might also want you to take pills. The dermatologist could even give you a hydrocortisone shot. All of these measures might bring you to better health. You will feel better if you know too that you are doing everything you can to combat your skin condition.

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